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We seek talent combined with logic, passion, hard work, and humor. We do not seek for excellent credentials nor weigh in terms of the number of years of experience or high profile brands behind your portfolio – but a sense of doing things differently with utmost quality, having a knack of making customers happy and contributing to their business growth. These coupled with a positive and problem-solving attitude will get you to be an excellent team member at Workflows.


What You Will Be Doing

  • Start-to-finish technical ownership of features and/or applications from inception to delivery.
  •  UI/UX requirements and mockups to build functional, high-perfor mance iOS phone and tablet.
  • Research the latest technologies, test, implement and report back to the team on what you’ve.
  • Push the boundaries of what is possible applying creative solutions to hard, mobile-centric problems like synchronization, asynchro nous APIs, and leveraging offline device capabilities.
  • You’ll create intuitive, custom UI controls and interfaces that match our great user experience

What You Need for this Position

  • A portfolio that demonstrates both JavaScript proficiency and understanding of SOLID design principles (plugins, node packages, etc.).
  • Expert knowledge of CSS, CSS extension languages (Less, Sass), and CSS preprocessor tools.
  • Expert knowledge of HTML5 and its best practices.
  • Proficiency in designing interfaces and building clickable prototypes using {{ Sketch, InVision, Axure, etc. }}.
  • A history of deconstructing user behavior to create an improved experience for users showcased in the form of blog posts, articles, screencasts, etc.
  • Proficiency using Git version control.
  • Proficiency in using the command line.

Bonus Skills

  • Communication – written and verbal
  • Client management


What You Will Be Doing

  • Formulating high-quality novel written and visual content for each social media campaign.
  • Building a social media presence by maintaining a solid online presence.
  • Monitoring the company’s brand on social media.
  • Building brand awareness by engaging relevant influencers.
  • Managing our online communities to ensure respectful and appropriate engagement.
  • Responding to comments on each of our accounts.
  • Overseeing customer service provided via social media.
  • Analyzing data to determine whether social media campaigns have achieved their objectives.

What You Will Need For This Position

  • a solid understanding of the use of a range of social media platforms, particularly in relation to advertising/branding and customers
  • strong editing and writing skills suitable for each platform, from knowing how to write a successful tweet to using effective storytelling techniques
  • knowledge and understanding of algorithms and search engine optimisation
  • creative skills for contributing new and innovative ideas
  • strong verbal communication skills for articulating ideas to colleagues and clients
  • organizational skills, with the capacity to prioritize and work across multiple projects
  • the ability to work well under pressure and meet deadlines
  • data analysis skills and statistical prowess to draw actionable insights
  • online community management and customer service skills to strike the balance between publicity and stimulating direct discussion with potential and actual customers
  • an eye for detail and the ability to work accurately
  • excellent teamwork and networking skills.

Bonus Skills

  • Team Management
  • Client Management
  • Photoshop / Design skills
  • Certifications
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