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How Cafes and Restaurants can Leverage Digital Marketing

Digital marketing tactics for cafes and restaurants allows the freedom to connect and engage with customers across demographics, behaviours and interests.

Why digital marketing is relevant ….

Digital marketing is extremely relevant for restaurants and cafes in today’s difficult times. Customers now want the flexibility to find and review your business online, additionally, they also want to view what’s happening with your brand on social, and also desire to have a great user experience they are ordering online. 

Effective digital marketing holds huge potential in attracting new orders, as well as solidifying your relationship with your existing customer base. Therefore, digital marketing for cafe’s and restaurants helps in increasing:

  • Brand visibility on Google and Social media
  • Footfalls to the physical location
  • Website’s probability to be found
  •  Website traffic and ensuring higher conversions

How should you integrate digital marketing?

  • Website user experience

Websites are a must-have for restaurants and cafes, which can easily be easily accessed for the purpose of viewing what are the products and to place an order online. 

  • Mobile App for enhanced user engagement

It is an added advantage for the restaurants and cafes to have its own mobile application as it makes the job easier as a large number of audience can simply go to the dedicated app and order what they desire. A mobile application saves a considerable proportion of time as the user doesn’t have to go to other food apps and search and scroll and order.  

  • Being found when your customer searches on Google

Having a website is not enough.  Restaurants and cafes should focus on getting their website to the top of Google search by: 

  • Focusing on Search Engine Optimisation and optimising content for Google ranking. 
  • Having Google my business updated and getting customer reviews.
  • Focusing on developing quality content 
  • Spending on Google search and/or dynamic ads 
  • Attracting and engaging your audience on social media

Social media now is like a mirror to your brand. Users treat this as an alternative to search engines to find out more about the brand – whether it be your offerings, brand, culture, company news and so on.

As this media is highly creative where text, images, poll, story, and videos can be used – it serves as a great way to deliver the message in the most aesthetically pleasing manner or engage the audience with polls, questions, games, and other competition based posts. 


Question is – what are the social channels that are best for you.

We, as Workflows recommend you B2C social channels that has a better connect with your audience:

Must have

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube

Good to have (capture some audience and increase your page ranking)

Snapchat, Pinterest

Ok to have (for presence and not for lead generation)

Twitter and LinkedIn

  • Being responsive on online media and website

Being responsive on online media is a positive mark on your brand. Hence, whether it is a comment to be answered on your website, a live chat that is waiting for the appropriate response, a google my business comment, or community management on social media – needs to be dealt with professionally and on-time, needless to say with respect. 

  • Communicating with audience on trade blogs and portals

Trade blogs receive a huge amount of dedicated traffic every month and you must capitalize on this to gain attention of your users who are already a part of the trade blog user base. This you can do by engaging in relevant conversations in the trade blog. This will enable you to gain user attention and thereby increase traffic to your website, which is your goal as well.  


A well crafted digital marketing approach will help you to connect your cafe or restaurant to your target market. Every café or restaurant needs to catch up and capitalise on this already established and enormous marketplace. With the cost involved, the ROI in digital marketing is relatively higher than any other channel. 


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