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Marketing Automation

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Organizations that use marketing automation with prospects experience a 451% increase in qualified leads.

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What can you do with marketing automation?

With marketing automation, you can customize the ways you communicate, capture, and nurture your leads for each product and service you provide. Marketing automation makes it easy to segment customers, score and distribute leads, and monitor when a contact performs a specific or desired action.

We already HAVE a marketing automation tool

We help organizations maximize investments made in their existing Marketing Automation platform. In many cases, we have found that internal marketing teams require additional technical resources to deliver more of what they know works. We’ve also found these organizations are looking for strategic guidance on the best way to utilize the platform.

We DON’T HAVE a marketing automation tool

We enable organizations to reduce manual processes and connect disjointed digital marketing programs with modern marketing automation technologies. Our guidance and “walk before run” process puts your organization on a multi-year journey designed to evolve your marketing programs and position the automation platform as the single source of all marketing data.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Manage warm and cold leads with automated processes and mailers to segmented lists. Track and analyse the leads’ actions and decide to target the lead so that he takes the desired action. With marketing automation, activity alerts sent to your sales team can help identify the right next steps and ensure sales pipeline contacts are being nurtured differently than new leads or existing customers.

Customer Marketing

Customer Marketing

Advanced contact management within your marketing automation platform empowers your team to position meaningful upsells and extended services to customers, while also informing them of important company news. Powerful segmentation rules have the power to drive repeat purchases when possible, helping drive even larger returns from your customers.

Explore the full potential of marketing automation.

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